M.Sc. Thesis: Inducible CRISPR/Cas9 systems

The Georg-Speyer-Haus - Institute for Tumor Biology and Experimental Therapy in Frankfurt am Main is an academic non-profit research institute supported by the Federal Ministry of Health and the Ministry for Sciences and Arts of the State of Hessen. The institute is dedicated to basic and translational cancer research and closely cooperates with the Goethe University Frankfurt and the Frankfurt University Hospital. 

Precise Genome Editing group is a part of Transgenic Core Facility led by Dr. Madina Karimova and focuses on innovative approaches for efficient and safe genome engineering. We develop and implement novel targeted enzymes for genome modification based on CRISPR/Cas9. 

To support our research focus we look for an ambitious student in molecular and cell biology (M.Sc.) for a thesis internship. Project will focus on developing assays for inducible genome editing in mouse and human cultured cells utilizing CRISPR/Cas9. Work will involve establishing biochemical and cellular assays, expression of Cas9 fusion proteins and exploring inducible genetic systems. Within this project candidate will rely on DNA cloning, fluorescent reporters in cultured human and mouse cells, fluorescent microscopy and FACS analysis.

The applicant will join a highly motivated international team and will be exposed to the cutting-edge genome editing technologies in the laboratory setting. Successful candidate will have the opportunity to present her/his results on internal scientific meetings and poster presentation. Position is available from 1st Febr 2017. 

Applications including a cover letter, a CV, contact details and a desired starting date should be sent directly to Dr. Madina Karimova: karimova@gsh.uni-frankfurt.de.