Please note our museum is closed temporarily due to current situation.

The history of the Georg-Speyer-Haus is documented in a small museum, which was designed by Klaus Görner M.A. in 1996. On display are laboratory equipment and goods of the institute’s history from the times of Paul Ehrlich, original laboratory notebooks and glass vessels with probes of Salvarsan.

Due to the ongoing scientific work in the Georg-Speyer-Haus your visit to the museum is only possible by prior request. To make an appointment, please send an email to

The museum was equipped with the help of the Behringwerke AG, the Hoechst AG, the Paul-Ehrlich-Institute Langen, the Institute of Town History, the Museum of Craftwork, the Historical Museum of Frankfurt/Main, as well as the Department of Foundations (Legal Department of the City of Frankfurt/Main).

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Source: Georg-Speyer-Haus

Historic Laboratory

  • Paul Ehrlich Museum, Entrance

  • Working in a Historic Laboratory

  • Kolle and members of the staff about 1931

  • Paul Ehrlich and his colleagues after 1910

  • Paul Ehrlich with members of the staff, date uncertain

  • Salvarsan, Advertisment