Drug screening platform for colon cancer organoid biobank and 3D tumor-stroma models (Post-doc)

The DKTK/DKFZ Research Group lead by Dr. Henner Farin at the Georg-Speyer- Haus (Frankfurt) is inviting applications for a motivated reserarcher to study patient-specific drug responses in colon cancer.

further infos: Post-doc job description


A Post-Doctoral position examining aspects of cell plasticity in the tumor microenvironment is currently available in the group of Florian Greten.

Applicants should possess/be expected to obtain a Ph.D. in any of the life sciences or an M.D./Ph.D. degree. We are looking for highly motivated candidates with a strong interest in pursuing an academic career. The candidate for this position should have a strong background in tumor biology and/or immunology and should have experience with mouse models.   

Please, send your CV, a summary of previous research achievements as well as two letters of recommendation to:
Prof. Dr. Florian Greten
Paul-Ehrlich-Straße 42-44
D-60596 Frankfurt