Research technician in leukemia research

A position as research technician (degree of Medical technical assistant (in German: MTA, Bachelor’s or Master’s degree) is available in the laboratory of Prof. Dr. Daniela Krause, at the Georg-Speyer-Haus in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. The research is focused on leukemogenesis in general and the role of the bone marrow microenvironment in leukemia.

The responsibilities of the positions are to perform experiments, including in vitro assays, tissue culture experiments, generation of retrovirus, protein analysis and general molecular biology techniques, murine leukemia induction and treatment protocols, as well as documentation of mouse and biotechnological experiments. Successful candidates will receive training and mentoring in an international, stimulating environment. Prior experience with laboratory mice is preferred, but not essential. Cooperation, helpfulness, efficiency, enthusiasm and an excellent work ethic are desired, as well as excellent knowledge of English and German, good writing skills in both languages and a commitment of greater than 3 years. There is an opportunity to have a leading role in a research project, if there is interest. Interested candidates are asked to send their curriculum vitae and the names and contact information of three or more references to Prof. Dr. Daniela Krause by email: